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Celebrity Birthdays 2/12

Christina Ricci - 31

Christina Ricci CasperThis once young child actress was popularized in her spooky roles as Wednesday Addams in Addam's Family Values and just two years later played Kat in Casper.  Ironically her career is more Ghost than her apparitional co-star.  That's a little ghetto speak so I ever so kindly included the link to Urban Dictionary.

Anyway....Happy Birthday Christina.

Hopefully for you your career in your 30's is more like your teen years!




Josh Brolin - 43

Josh Brolin GooniesA much younger Josh Brolin landed his first role as Brandon Walsh in the cult class The Goonies and then seemingly dissappeared from movie scene until recent years.  Good roles in an impressive string of movies including No Country for Old Men, American Gangster, W, Milk and True Grit have really thrust Brolin back into the spotlight.

As a personal birthday present to Mr. Brolin I'll try to pretend Jonah Hex never happened!

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