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HK: April 25 Recap

This article has been rectified. Please see below for more details.

  Weekend Estimates     April 25
Rank Movie TW % chg Total
1 Iron Man 3 $4,500,000   $4,500,000
2 Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo $130,000 (5-day)   $130,000
3 Conspirators $80,000 -75.0% $1,195,000
3 Drug War $80,000 -78.8% $565,000
5 Oblivion $45,000 -90.8% $1,950,000

Iron Man 3 obliterated the field and sent holdovers diving for cover. On Thursday, it railroaded the other movies by accounting for 92% of business with 76,778 admissions. It ranked 3rd in admissions behind Harry Potter 7-2 and Transformers 3 but came out ahead of Toy Story 3 and The Avengers. In gross, it became the non-holiday opening day leader with $851,192. It took out Harry Potter 7-2's non-holiday opening day record ($790,625) and surpassed The Avengers ($789,470 including previews). It could not match Spider-Man 3's OD record or Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It showed considerable strength on Friday by posting a 5% gain from Thursday. While it may not seem like much, Thursday's admissions included midnights. Factoring midnight admissions out, Iron Man 3 grew more than 10%, a healthy Friday bump for a blockbuster. Avengers saw a 13% gain on Friday but Thursday's admissions were deflated by Wednesday midnights, which was not a part of Thursday. Although the gap between Iron Man 3 and The Avengers widened on Friday, it was neutralized on Saturday when The Avengers scored a huge victory over Iron Man 3 by winning the day by over 13,000 admissions. It all came down to Sunday and in a stunning reversal, Iron Man 3 increased from Saturday and put some distance between itself and The Avengers for the OW crown by more than 7,000 admissions.

  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
The Avengers 67,741 76,410 149,832 130,495 424,478
Iron Man 3 76,778 80,693 136,469 138,031 431,971
Gap 9,037 13,320 -43 7,493  

Iron Man 3 Achievements:

OD - #3 ($851,192; $6,604,302 HK)
Non-holiday OD - #1 ($851,192)
Admissions - #3
OW - #1 ($4,709,819)
Biggest Sunday of all time (admissions)

Iron Man 3 has taken the OW record from The Avengers. Despite The Avengers having a 3D market share of 97.5%, it didn't matter that Iron Man 3's 3D share was only in the low-mid 80's because it held a huge admissions advantage over The Avengers. As for Iron Man 3's outlook, WOM seems to be extremely strong for the finale. As Sunday has proved, there is still a lot in the tank. Beating The Avengers isn't a sure thing right now but it is extremely impressive what Iron Man 3 achieved on Sunday. Iron Man 3 is locked to pass 10m and continues the trend of a film making more than 10m for the 5th straight year.

Iron Man 3 wasn't the only movie breaking records at the box office. Evangelion 3.0 had the best opening weekend in the series by far. Opening with a non-traditional release date of Wednesday, it nearly doubled Evangelion 2.0's opening weekend with the Thu-Sun gross and did twice as much as the first one's OW with its 5-day OW. Evangelion 3.0 will end up passing both its predecessors in the next few days. A total north of $225,000 would be a wonderful achievement for it.

The bottom rungs of the top 5 ended up being in fierce battles throughout the weekend. Thursday was won by Drug War but Conspirators grew on Friday and Saturday before Drug War fought back with a Sunday win. Conspirators looked like it had the inside track on 3rd place but Drug War snuck in a better Sunday to set up a waiting game with actuals.  Conspirators performed well in the previous 2 weekends but its time is now up with more releases in the following weeks. As for Drug War, its Sunday might have been slightly inflated due to the influx of mainlanders visiting. Nevertheless, Drug War didn't do much in Hong Kong.

It was another tough duel for #5 but Oblivion walloped Finding Mr. Right on Sunday to swap places for the weekend. Again, it looked like Finding Mr. Right was setting itself up for the win but Oblivion shot up on Sunday by more than 30% while Finding Mr. Right squandered more than 15% from Saturday. It might be due to the mainlander effect because Oblivion saw a weaker hold on Sunday last weekend.

Tokyo Family won't be making the top 5 but it secured a great hold. It was least affected by Iron Man 3 supplanting itself in HK and made another estimated $17,500 for an 11-day total of $52,500.

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