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Community S4E08 rev.

Following a disastrous few weeks, “Herstory of Dance” is a bounce back episode for Community. It is not great like the show’s best days, but it is respectable and likeable.

Community still isn’t consistently funny, though a few moments like Dean’s arguably best costume ever in his black and white get-up and Troy’s moustached picture text are worth a reaction. Abed’s two dates as the episode’s comedic centerpiece is amusing, but its parody of TV cliches is heavily spelled out, as if the writers not trusting to audience to be in on the joke. Abed’s plot is fine, but had higher potential. The word puns this season are all over this episode and they continue to feel forced and unnatural compared to in the first 3 seasons.

Jeff congratulating Britta is a nice moment for those characters in light of her helping him at Thanksgiving. The more genuine moments like this the new Community has, the more they can make up for less comedic talent in the writing episode to episode.

“Herstory of Dance” is a fine enough half hour, though similar in quality to other sitcoms found on network TV.

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Bluebomb    Apr 9 2013 7:39am
Community was a lot better with Dan Harmon around. The show this season has been entirely different tonal wise and there's none of the brilliance that Harmon brought.

Haven't liked this season all that much.