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2 "Jimmy Fallon's replacement" ideas!

A Late Night shake-up is in the news again. In 2014 Jimmy Fallon is moving to The Tonight Show 11:30 in place of Jay Leno as NBC tries to build a younger audience for the future.

Moving on from Leno and Fallon, it’s just as fun to ask who replaces Fallon at 12:30 which with Letterman, Conan and Fallon the last 30 years has a storied history itself.

Here’s my 2 fun dream ideas:

Seth Meyers AND Amy Poehler!

Seth Meyers is the heavy favorite to replace Fallon for unsurprising reasons. He’s a NBC guy, fits the Fallon model of broad appeal and just FEELS like a late night host. But the choice just feels generic. He’d likely provide a similar show and personality as the more powerful Jimmy Kimmel and Fallon.

Here’s my crazy idea: Why not mix it up with a double host? Specifically, grab Meyers’ Weekend Update partner Poehler. The chemistry and comedy possibilities coming from two hosts would be fresh for late night. It’d give a badly needed new look to the interview section in particular. Meyers and Poehler would have a unique sell, both from having two hosts and having a female host.

Poehler is currently busy with Parks and Recreation of course, but it’s easy to envision the 6th season next year as its last, leaving her available for the following fall.

Matthew Perry

If sticking to one host, he’d be the guy I’d pick. Like Meyers and Poehler he comes with a brand NBC viewers are familiar with. While untested in the monologue, he plausibly has the charm and delivery to make most jokes work. One can envision Perry’s sarcasm lending edge to the interviews if with a false guest, or him going on the attack in monologues more than a softball throwing Meyers. Perry would be NBC trying to find its next David Letterman, not another Jay Leno/Jimmy Falloon.

Like Poehler, Perry has a show on the air in Go On. But Go On will barely make it to a 2nd season as is, it’s not a large sacrifice to send it to the wood chipper if they had Perry lined up as late night host.

Chances are neither of these scenarios will happen, but it sure would be more exciting than Seth Meyers taking over alone!

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Mister Ecks
Mister Ecks    Apr 4 2013 3:19pm
I like the idea of doing something NEW with Late Night. I'm not sure if two hosts is the best idea, but why not? I like Seth Meyers, but I don't know if his shtick will fit well with the Late Night brand. He was kind of likable when filling in with Kelly Ripa.

I do like the Perry idea, in a really weird, "Huh... never thought of that" kind of way. But I like Go On too much to think it may not get a second season.