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Justified S4E12 rev.

Hard to believe this season ends next episode. Moreso than just the season flying by, this episode in particular felt in mid-season form. Like many episodes this year, “Peace of Mind” relied on characters standing or sitting near each other and giving forth that sweet Harlan dialog.

Ava is a dominant player in the episode, as standoffs with Limehouse and Ellen Mae drills into her how far she’s come down this darker, tough-nosed road that will end nowhere good for her. Limehouse in this moment of clarity senses the danger and stakes and pragmatically, realizes it’s time to fold his cards. In contrast, Ellen Mae is an innocent believer of a righteous end. Boyd and Ava are somewhere in the middle. More practical and able to see what’s written on the wall than Ellen Mae, but too indebted to believing in a happy ending to see the dark one coming for them if they don’t get out now. Limehouse and Ellen Mae find themselves at peace of mind, but Boyd and Ava do not. Colt likewise resigns himself to his fate, too fed up with live with his pain anymore - and seemingly willingly ushering in his death. It’s nice to see the preacher’s sister and Tim’s arcs from earlier in the season converge on the Drew Thompson plot - just about every loose thread has had relevance down the stretch of the season.

“Peace of Mind” is one of the season’s funniest episodes, with Raylan pounding out one-liners and his signature sass. Rachel and Art have their punchline moments sharply responding to him, with the former getting increasingly testy. The funniest moments of the episode involves the conspiracy theorist Ellen Mae runs to, chewing up the screen in his lunacy.

Special credit to how they handled Boyd's reaction to Johnny's betrayal. Internalized seething anger from Boyd, over an explosive reaction. This one stung Boyd badly.

“Peace of Mind” felt in no rush to hit the season’s climax, but next week should bring the fireworks. Barring a disaster, Season 4 should stand as one of the series’ 2 best seasons, along with Season 2.

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