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Community S4E07 rev.

I don’t know what to say about this week’s Community. “Economics of Marine Biology” is one of the series’ worst episodes hands down, if not its lowest moment period.

Comedically the episode is a trainwreck. The Shirley-Troy gym class subplot is an unwatchable dreck. The recurring chips gag is so poor I don’t even know what they were attempting comedically. The main plot with Dean trying to get the “whale” is left without a clear direction or source of punchlines. Somehow making the Dean unfunny for a whole episode is a terrible crime. Even worse, Magnitude’s air comes out of his balloon once he’s given more than one line to say. The episode tries to stuff sentimentality in by Dean standing up for Greendale and Jeff standing up for Pierce, but both are empty and overshadowed by the comedic junk around them.

This episode is straight trash. It’s the TV comedy episode version of a stand-up comedian performing to dead silence. Community has had a few moments this season resembling the old show, but the last few weeks it’s come off like an old sick dog who needs to be put down for its own good.

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