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Justified S4E09 rev.

As the previews promised, the season long question “Who is Drew Thompson?” was answered this week in "The Hatchet Tour". Albeit as soon as Shelby tagged along with Raylan and Hunter on their drive, it was inevitable with the previous clues indicating him.

In regards to plot this episode of Justified is set-up for the show’s stretch run, but it excelled at head to head conversations. Raylan and Hunter’s back and forth was simple but well done, while the most memorable of the episode is Boyd interrogating Colt, his life in the balance for the viewer. The scene reinforced how dangerous Boyd can feel, even if he made the mistake of letting Colt off the hook. I also enjoyed Boyd and Ava affectionately exploring their new house, the privilege and power foreign to them with their upbringing.

The dangerous wounded animal of Colt in the church confronted by the angry Tim, also stood out to me. I wonder if the preacher's sister will reappear again, or if her part in Colt's downfall was the endgame of that character.

Johnny also seemed emotionally vulnerable for him, when revealing some of his animosity towards Boyd underapprecating him.

I didn’t entirely need Bob shooting up the rich guy’s house, though it provided comic relief and a distraction for the Shelby reveal to happen.

The hunt for Drew Thompson should progress familiarly from now on, though a little familiar action is welcome in a season that’s spent so long building up. Bring it on.

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