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Go Steelers!

Completely non-movie related, but screw it, it's the conference championships tomorrow NFL fans. FOOTBALL!

I won't go so far as to predict the super bowl contender from the NFC, but I'm totally confident Black & Yellow will smash mouth their way to another AFC title. Jets fans will cry, Big Ben slurs will circulate throughout the media with renewed force and the most winningest team in NFL history will be one W away from completing Sevenquest.

Ah hah, you know what it is...


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Crux    Jan 22 2011 12:10pm
Wearing a green shirt to a work "Steelers Lunch" on Friday = Epic choice of color fail.
Crux    Jan 22 2011 6:50pm
Props to Khalifa for actually shooting the video in Pittsburgh!
Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    Jan 22 2011 10:29pm
Awww yeah, and he's playing before the game tomorrow night, just read that last night
Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    Jan 26 2011 2:58am
Nailed it