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New Year, New Derby

It's been a long month or so of development, but I'm thrilled to report that WoKJ's Box Office Derby has been launched to the main site over here. We recreated the Derby because we strongly believe we are best suited to support, continuously improve, and ensure the longevity of a new derby game. To that end, we really need your help promoting it, which you can read more about over here. I hope you'll consider lending your voice.

What's New
We tried to keep the base concepts of the game unchanged, while improving the tools and analytics players were given around the results. Here are some of the things we added:

  • Scores for Holdovers and Openers
  • Relative Scores
  • Powerful Results Grids
  • Searchable Results
  • Ability to Graph Results (won't launch till there is adequate player data next month)
  • An easy way to track the whole derby's performance (candle chart)

Not only that, there is a lot of additional stuff we're going to bring you. To that end, we're going to be listening to feedback over the coming weeks to determine what to focus on. You can offer feedback as a comment to this article, or create a new topic-specific thread in The Site.

When does it start?
You can predict over here right now! The opening game will be the first weekend of January (Jan 6-8). Currently things are a bit sparse, as there's no data, but things will start shaping up as the games roll on.

Are there prizes?
Yep! The new derby will feature prizes for the quarterly and yearly winners. We haven't solidified what those prizes will be, but our intention is to make them available to anyone. If I had to guess right now, I would expect each quarterly winner to get an gift certificate to something like Amazon / Fandango / etc in the range of $15-20 for quarterly winners and $40-50 for the yearly winner.

In Closing
We have throughly enjoyed the oppurtunity to build this game. I ask only that the Derby community give us a chance: let us show you that we deserve to be the home of this game. What happened at BOM was a tragedy, you deserved better. We're committed to providing that better, we have the manpower and resources to put behind it, and we hope you'll enjoy playing.

May the best predictor win. 

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David    Dec 31 2011 10:03pm
"Nothing beats World of KJ on New Year's Eve." -- Hobo De Niro