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Query Details: Movies and Futurama

I find the analytic information I have on WoKJ to be very ... interesting. Sometimes, when I need a good laugh, I hop over to Google's Webmaster Tools and take a look at what terms bring people to WoKJ. Often they're hilarious.

In this article, I will take a look at two specific queries, how many impressions and hits WoKJ has received via each, and some ancillary information. The data displayed is from 11/12/2011 to 12/12/2011.


"movies 2011"

The first query we'll take a look at is "movies 2011."  Obviously, this is a very relevant term for a movie website, something we'd love to do well in. Thanks in most part to Jack Sparrow, we have seen a fair amount of results, take a look:

I've noticed in my time browsing this type of data that a lot of informative articles like these do great for months after they've been written, bringing random users into WoKJ. News articles, musings on film, etc all seem to play well long term. One of Jack's articles has north of 6000 reads, almost all from Google.


"futurama porn"

Not all queries are entertainment related. In fact, we get just as many off the wall queries providing hits as we do relevant ones. I picked this one simply because over the month long time frame specified, it has provided over 150 random hits from Google.

Obviously that forum topic was related to futurama, and porn got involved. I decided to dig a little deeper, and went looking for the specific terms people had searched for on Google to find that specific topic. What I found was a market for something I hadn't considered, and an avid Leela fan base:

All told, we attracted over 200 clicks from random people searching for Futurama porn. The Internet is fun.

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Total Comments: 3
Crux    Dec 16 2011 7:53pm
Are we still getting an influx of people looking for Emma Watson's vagina?
Karl Schneider
Karl Schneider    Dec 16 2011 8:21pm
No, the popularity of that term has decreased.
Crux    Dec 17 2011 12:04am
The only thing I can take from that fact is that people would rather see a naked cartoon character than an attractive young lady.