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Suits S01E11 "Rules of the Game" Review

The first season of Suits has been about getting to know the characters' personalities. Mike's the naive and inexperienced associate lawyer with a pure heart and is under the guidance of the hard-nosed, suave hotshot attorney Harvey who seemingly doesn't have a care for the world or his clients. Louis is the sleazy, self-aggrandizing douche rival to Harvey that will stop at nothing to get what he wants but who bleeds the company in his veins. In "Rules of the Game", however, it was nice to see all 3 branch out from their one-line personalities.

One of my highlights was seeing Harvey get rattled. He showed a bit of vulnerability that changed the landscape of his character for me and the culmination of his wavering emotions which lead to his outburst was fantastic. It's also great that we got some of his backstory. That scene near the end with Jessica though makes things interesting. What is going to happen after the case? This isn't just commercial crime anymore.

Interesting parallels throughout the episode such as Mike having to choose between the mature but boring woman over the childish yet sultry vixen. This is a test for his character. If he chooses Jenny, he will stay true to his character but fleeing Jenny for Rachel is turning him more into like Harvey. I'm glad that they didn't decide to go down the route of "boy-meets-girl but is in a relationship yet still hooks up with her anyways" at this point. I actually like Jenny and her direct approach to sorting things out is what I prefer than Rachel's pettiness. It also would be nice to have a stable couple free from tension that so many protagonists seem to ditch nowadays.

What can I say about Louis. He may have a face that people would love to punch but they even have "Your Highness" showing a bit of empathy for others which was a welcome sight.

Don't mess with me. I know your secrets.

The Jessica and Fax Whisperer (Donna) scene was mysterious yet enchanting. So many questions and yet we come out of it with new information that both are very protective of Harvey. I hope we get a Donna episode later on because a more well-rounded cast makes for a better show. Can I also say that the actress who plays Jessica is looking mighty fine in her power suits. She needs her own episode too. Make it happen, writers!

The case itself wasn't anything special but the parallels between the sisters and Mike/Louis were uncanny. Is this a sign of foreshadowing when Louis figures out Mike's secret? As for Harvey's melodrama, the relationship between him and Leeds leads me to think she'll be back for another episode. It seems like there might be some underlying tension that the viewers will find out about later on.

There's so many questions that I have but the writers have done a fantastic job this season of building the core characters up while slotting in subtle changes each week. Suits has a very strong writing team and it shows. I cannot wait for next week's season finale. All of the changes/little things will add up and it should be one hell of a ride.


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