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Hong Kong Box Office: July 28 Recap

Kung Fu Panda 2 showed off its box office muscle as it eased 34% from its opening weekend and led all releases this week. It is a very good drop but with Captain America/Smurfs coming out next weekend, it needed to drop 30% or better to have a shot at beating Pirates. Now, it may not make much more than Sex & Zen. It saw its best days on Friday and Saturday as those were the days where it either dropped (Friday) or was scheduled poorly (Saturday). On Thursday, it dropped 44% from its opening day which turned out to be a 46% drop in gross. It rebounded on Friday and Saturday with drops of 29% and 32% respectively. Sunday dropped slightly harder, -34%, but it increased by almost 6,000 admissions from Saturday. It was the only film apart from Cars 2 that increased by double digits on Sunday from Saturday and increased the most in raw admissions from Saturday to Sunday. A 35% drop would give it 1.1m for the weekend and would bring its 11-day total to around 3.5m.

Harry Potter tried to keep up with Panda but could not as it fell 46% in its third weekend. While that is not bad by relative standards, this weekend was particularly light with just Wu Xia opening so a 46% drop isn't great. It fell 50% on Thursday with gross and didn't really recover the rest of the weekend. Cars 2 had little effect as quite a few theaters were very forgiving and decided to give Harry Potter the biggest screens over Panda this weekend. It had the smallest Friday-Saturday increase and also saw its worst drop of the week that day (-49%). Sunday did a slight u-turn as it came through with a 43%, the best of the weekend, due to theaters giving it more favourable screens. A 47% drop would give it about $910,000 for the weekend which would put it at 8.4m in 18 days.

Wu Xia was the only real new release that posed any threat to the holdovers this week as it walked away with almost 90,000 admissions for the weekend. It came in just slightly below The Lost Bladesman's OW admissions by less than 900. It played very strongly on the weekend as it almost overtook Harry Potter for 2nd place in admissions on Friday and Saturday. It had the best % increase of any film in the top 5 on Saturday as it climbed 72% from the previous day. On Sunday, it was the only film in the top 5 to drop from Saturday but the 3% drop seems more indicative of the strong Saturday than any frontloading. It should come in just below The Lost Bladesman's gross with about $515,000 for the weekend.

Cars 2 opened its Hong Kong campaign with a 2-day total of 29,144 admissions. The start doesn't seem encouraging as quite a few theaters gave it almost full day showings but others only gave this one showing per day and IMAX only gave this a morning show so the number appears to be a little deflated. It's possible that many people didn't know about the early screenings and are still thinking this comes out August 11. This number should land it around $200,000 for the weekend which is an ok start but it's not enough to draw any sort of conclusions just yet.

Transformers had a great Thursday and Friday before disappearing on Saturday/Sunday. I think it will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $200,000 as well but it might end up below Cars for this weekend. That should up its total to about 10.7m.

Love Is The Only Answer did not appear in the top 5 on Thursday's admissions chart but came in at #4 in gross ahead of Transformers and Doraemon. It seems to me like this is playing extremely well in theaters that are not being tracked. A 32% drop for the weekend would give it $159,000 for the weekend and about $550,000 for its total.

Doraemon used its powerful Sunday to enter the top 5 for the day. It should start with about $120,000. Not bad considering this had way more competition. It seems like the fanbase is very loyal but small.

Dylan Dog did better than The Beaver but not by much. It's looking like it will grab about $33,000 this weekend.

The Beaver bombed and will probably do just $17,000 for this weekend.

July 28 Weekend Admissions
Rank Title LW TW % chg
1 Kung Fu Panda 2 (3D Cantonese) 208,344 136,835 -34.3%
2 Harry Potter 7-2 (3D English) 176,683 95,770 -45.8%
3 Wu Xia (Cantonese)   89,930  
  Cars 2 (3D Chinese)   29,144  
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