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Hong Kong Box Office: June 23 Recap

Note: Please take the admissions this week with a grain of salt. 90% of the time the admissions follow the grosses but sometimes, like this weekend, the admissions don't line up with the grosses at all. Green Lantern's admissions are the most suspect after Thursday's admissions put it at a 42% drop but came in -60% with Thursday actuals (gross).


This weekend wasn't expected to be particularly close but it ended up being a lot closer than originally thought. At least in admissions. It was Beginning Of The Great Revival, however, that took Green Lantern out to town on the weekend as it used Green Lantern's small weekend increase to get by and claim #1. On Saturday morning, Green Lantern had the advantage as it finished ahead of Great Revival on both Thursday/Friday and it had the lead in Saturday pre-sales. Revival turned it around and came in with a 101% increase to just a 52% increase Friday-to-Saturday for Green Lantern.

Beginning Of The Great Revival had terrific weekend increases as it increased 101% on Saturday from Friday and then increased a further 10% on Sunday. It was the only film in the top 5 to increase at all as every other film fell at least 6% on Sunday. Total for the weekend will be about $325,000.

Green Lantern did not seize the opportunity and choked away the lead as the weekend drew to a close. A 62% drop would put it at $277,166 for its 2nd weekend and 1.25m total.

Continuing to hold well and place in the top 3 once again was X-Men: First Class. On its 22nd day, it passed 3m and is the franchise holder in gross here. Even more good news is that it had its best drop yet as it fell just 34% in admissions. A 33% drop in gross would see it with a $210,360 weekend. It will be very close to 3.2m after this weekend.

Treasure Inn completes the top 4 with a poor outing and is headed for a $145,000 weekend.

June 23 Weekend Admissions
Rank Title LW TW % chg
1 Beginning Of The Great Revival   49,662  
2 Green Lantern 3D 85,032 48,084 -43.5%
3 X-Men: First Class 52,367 34,638 -33.9%
4 Treasure Inn   18,646  

Stay tuned to for actuals and Transformers: Dark of the Moon news when it opens here June 28.

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