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Hong Kong Box Office: June 16 Recap

Green Lantern made its presence known this week as it opened to a modest 85,032 admissions. While it didn't exactly flame out, the end result wasn't great as Thor opened with more admissions and X-Men more than doubled Green Lantern's. It played decently over the weekend as it increased a solid 69% on Saturday but compared to Thor's and X-Men's increases, that is below average. Still, the 3D surcharges will lead this to a solid opening weekend of about $750,000.

X-Men may not have been the featured story this week but it certainly performed like one. It dropped just 41% in admissions and will pass 2.8m this weekend. It will definitely pass 3m by next weekend. Excellent run so far.

Super 8 had an up and down weekend. It had a poor Thursday (-49%), followed by a very good Friday (-40%) and then a very poor Saturday and Sunday (both over -55%). Total after this weekend will stand at around $1m but it will not make much more than that. Chinese movies + London Boulevard will come out next weekend but it still has IMAX to cover its losses. $1.25m seems like the ceiling for the film.

Something Borrowed didn't gain much traction as this weekend passed as Hangover 2 managed to wiggle its way into #4 on Sunday. Still, with the recent openings of rom-coms, this didn't do too badly. It grabbed about $140,000 for the weekend which would put it above The Other Woman but below A Beautiful Life.

Hangover 2 lost showtimes this weekend but still managed to have an ok drop. A 55% isn't great but it's certainly not a horrendous drop considering that Hangover 2 had screens lost or given away to Green Lantern/X-Men/Something Borrowed.

June 16 Weekend Admissions
Rank Title LW TW % chg
1 Green Lantern 3D   85,032  
2 X-Men: First Class 87,998 52,367 -40.5%
3 Super 8 76,454 36,454 -52.3%
4 Something Borrowed   25,434  
5 Hangover 2 51,005 23,096 -54.7%

Stay tuned to for actuals!

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Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    Jun 22 2011 5:17am
It seems Green Lantern's mediocrity knows no nationalistic boundaries