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Music: Lonely Island's "Boombox"

Apparently this came out a while ago, but the Lonely Island and Julian Casablancas nailed it in this hilarious, catchy homage to the boombox (you gotta know your limits with a boombox!).

What's the deal with boiled goose? Exactly.

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Karl Schneider
Karl Schneider    May 4 2011 12:08am

"Everyone was wearing fingerless gloves" ... totally reminds me of a picture I saw of Jon on Facebook. I was like, oh snap, NY's turned Jon into a hipster.
David    May 4 2011 4:29am
They just released a new song feat. Beck:
Crux    May 4 2011 4:19pm
I love how the "Mi Scusci" guy from Eurotrip is in the video (1:27).

Not a bad jam though I'm partial to "Jizz in my Pants" and "Like a Boss".
Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    May 5 2011 1:50am
I don't know, the sheer re-playability of this song has elevated to my all-time favorite Lonely Island jam. Being a strokes fan to begin with doesn't hurt either, lolz.
Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    May 5 2011 1:51am
We need to get an edit comment feature ASAP, i hate making grammatical errors i can't change.