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Top 5 Drinking Movies

Question, do you know why St. Patrick's day is celebrated?  I can say beyond a question of a doubt..........I have no idea.  But I do know this, St. Patrick's Day is all about drinking so check out my top 5 drinking movies!


5.  Bad Santa

Bad Santa Drinking Movie

Love him or hate him Billy Bob Thorton was made for his role as the foul-mouthed, often piss drunk main character Willie.  If drinking to the point of pissing yourself doesn't constitute a good drinking movie then I don't know what does.



4.  Old School

Old School Drinking Movie

Three words come to mind; "Frank the Tank".  With beer bongs, shots, Snoop Dogg and streaking this movie is very remniscant of my own college experience.



3.  Animal House

Animal House Drinking Movie

Belushi. Whiskey.  Vulgarity and raunchiness at it's finest.  A classic.  Need I say more?



2.  Beerfest

Beerfest Drinking Movie

A truly "drinking-centric" movie with enough beer guzzling to put you in an early grave.  Just ask Landfill!



1.  Big Lebowski

Big Lebowski Drinking Movie

Drink as many White Russians as the Dude and he won't be the only one with a rug that gets peed on.

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Total Comments: 7
Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    Mar 18 2011 5:35am
Hahaha yes! Great article and love it that the Big Lebowski took the top nod. I still can't help thinking of when the Dude is drugged at that porn studio head's mansion, and he goes to pencil shade the note by the phone and it's just a doodle of a guy with a huge schlong. Priceless!

My one asshole friend would always play a drinking game with the Lord of the Rings movies, wherein he would drink every time "Frodo did something gay." Needless to say you can imagine where his mental state ended at the conclusion of the movie.
Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    Mar 18 2011 5:35am
Now the best "St. Patty's Day" movie...Boondock Saints
David    Mar 18 2011 1:10pm
No love for Leaving Las Vegas.
Karl Schneider
Karl Schneider    Mar 18 2011 2:44pm
That's cause LLV is more of a 'Doing Drugs' movie than it is a drinking movie, IMO.
Karl Schneider
Karl Schneider    Mar 18 2011 2:45pm
Oh, and too high for Beer Fest!
Michael A
Michael A    Mar 18 2011 3:00pm
I'd argue Lebowski, great as it is, isn't really a "drinking movie." He has a lot of alcohol but rarely gets very drunk.
Crux    Mar 29 2011 5:00pm
I agree that Big Lebowski isn't a drinking movie in the sense that it isn't focused around drinking but any movie/character that can make you reminiscent of said movie simply by uttering the name of a drink is pretty powerful.

Simply put; White Russian = The Dude.