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Movie Pirates have Horrible Taste

Music Pirate Top 10 Pirated Movies



Top 10 Pirated Films


1. Tron: Legacy
2. The Next Three Days
3. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
4. The Fighter
5. Season of the Witch
6. Drive Angry
7. The King's Speech
8. 127 Hours
9. How Do You Know
10. The Mechanic

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Total Comments: 6
Crux    Mar 15 2011 1:07am
The fact that Season of the Witch is number 5 is inexplicable.
David    Mar 15 2011 5:49am
This is...odd. The Next Three Days is seriously the second most pirated movie of the last, I presume, year (or few months)?

I would expect to see Harry Potter or Black Swan or True Grit...

ALTHOUGH, the fact a lot of relative financial misfires (Next Three Days, Drive Angry, How Do You Know, even Narnia) are on here is interesting. Makes for a compelling correlation, and undermines the whole "impact is minimal" argument a lot of rationalizing pirates like to make.
Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    Mar 16 2011 12:16am
Yeah def interesting, Crux for what time frame is this? All time? And where'd you get the data, anything quantifiable?

In all honesty I had to google The Next Three Days, didn't even remember what it was.
Crux    Mar 16 2011 1:33am
Can't remember exactly where I found the data but I believe they said top 10 from 2011.

The only reason I knew "The Next Three Days" is because it was filmed in Pittsburgh.
be.redy    Mar 16 2011 12:43pm
This is a very unreliable list. First of all it doesn't say where these movies got pirated from. Torrent, download sites, etc... Besides it's not easy to count these thing due to multiple number of sources etc. This could also come from a closed community with certain interests (like there are documentary groups, sci-fi groups, etc.) so it could explain the weird skew. Also it's not strange to see The Next Three Days, Season of the Witch so high. I'm guessing this is a recent list as all of these had recently been out on DVD here and there and higher quality DVD (or even Blu-Ray) rips are available which always gives a spike in downloads. People like to download recent movies that get a good rip. Whether they suck or no. This has nothing to do with why some of these possibly had underperformed at the BO. Remember - Taken and Wolverine????
BK    Mar 17 2011 12:48am
On the contrary, I think it is highly significant.

Sure, it may be skewed by good rips, but there has been a 'sentiment' amongst forum members that people don't want to see crap, when the truth really is that they just don't want to pay as much as the tickets are going for.

Inflation has happened, yes, but the normal person is unaware of what real adjustment is, so even if there is no absolute increase in real prices, the perception is that there has been, thus, they do not see it fit to go to the movies.