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Martin's "Dance" Gets Release Date

2011 is shaping up to be a great year for George R.R. Martin's fans. Though it took nearly 11 years to complete it, Martin's A Dance With Dragons is finally being released on July 12th.

Martin's publishers have set and missed numerous release dates before with this novel, but I'm optimistic that the time is ripe for the fifth book in Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series to continue the gritty, unforgiving saga of the succession war for the Iron Throne. At 900 pages A Dance With Dragons will be equivalent in length to A Storm of Swords, the last planned Ice and Fire novel that Martin penned back in 2000.

As if that wasn't enough, the HBO adaptation of the first novel, A Game of Thrones, is also making it's small screen debut on April 17th. Both will most likely melt faces. Entertainment Weekly scored an exclusive new preview for the show, which looks awesome. Check out a newer trailer below and the exclusive here.


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Karl Schneider
Karl Schneider    Mar 4 2011 2:55pm

I knew he would release this somewhere near the airing of the show, it just made sense. I hate hardback, so I'll wait for the paperback, but I'm thrilled it's done and can't wait to re-read the series!
MadGez    Mar 5 2011 12:31am
WOW!! Im up with all the GRRM sites and have been viewing them on a daily or weekly basis for half a decade now waiting for this announcement and the first time i decide to spend some time and thoroughly read WOKJ news articles I find out this!! So congrats on getting the SCOOP for me anyway and finally this book will see the light of day. This coming out at the conclusion of Season 1 Game of Thrones is just perfect!!!

Karl order it from the UK if need be. Here we usually get the UK large format soft cover (atleast thats what happened with the last book) instead of the hardcover.
MadGez    Mar 5 2011 12:32am
Not sure how to get my name on here butz the above post was from Gerry (MadGez)
Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    Mar 5 2011 12:55am
Wait for the paperback, are you insane KJ???? I was planning on revisiting the series soon, but this news just made my Mexico vacation book choice that much easier; back to GoT next week to keep this story fresh in my mind for both the 5th book and the show!!! F yea HBO for making a cinematic version of this series a reality!!!

Gerry glad you could check out this news here; I just saw it late late last night and almost shit myself. You can change your name by clicking on "Settings" in the upper right after logging in, then going to "Edit Profile" and "Info." Your pen name is an editable field that you can change whenever.
Karl Schneider
Karl Schneider    Mar 5 2011 6:53am
There's a minor bug where if you comment before visiting your 'My Page' it won't show your name until you do. We're aware, it's on our list.

Glad to hear you gave the main site a chance and read through the content, even happier that you're a big GRRM fan!! Not sure I want the large format version ... I'm a OCD collector, and I have the small format version of all the other books, it would drive me bonkers!!

I'm actually still working my way through another fantasy series anyways, and I made the decision not to re-read before GoT airs. So it's cool, I'll be waiting a bit. Will have to play dodge the spoiler!
be.redy    Mar 7 2011 9:03pm
All the editions I have are Voyager paperback - they look amazing on the shelf next to each other. I personally hate paperback, but I have to go with what is cheaper these days...