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Music: Even Newer Strokes Song

Another release off of The Strokes' upcoming Angles LP, due to hit record stores March 21st.

The song, titled "You're So Right," can be accessed at, full link:

"You're So Right" has an Interesting sound, but is not nearly as strong as their first released single "Under Cover of Darkness." Still this track has some very cool snippets, Strokes fans check it out.

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Total Comments: 4
David    Mar 2 2011 5:22am
I prefer this to "Under Cover of Darkness," to be honest. Great -vibe-. Very fun.
David    Mar 2 2011 9:52pm
There's also now a video for "Under Cover of Darkness" -
Karl Schneider
Karl Schneider    Mar 2 2011 10:19pm
"Under Cover of Darkness" has grown on me. I didn't really enjoy it that much on my first listen, but it's getting better each passing go-round. I liked "You're So Right" instantly, not sure I can say at this point which I prefer.
Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    Mar 4 2011 12:51am
Very unique sound bytes in You're So Right, ambient yet energetic...and also somewhat forlorn? Under Cover of Darkness has proven to be a catchy-ass song, i continue to like it more and more with each listen.