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The Black Keys - Howlin' For You

I would have been sold that this was a Tarantino movie trailer if  Danny Trejo was in it!


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Patrick Ferrara
Patrick Ferrara    Feb 22 2011 10:15pm
Haha this is pretty funny and an interesting marketing technique; though i don't believe Danny Trejo is in it (although there is somewhat of a look-alike, but not nearly as menacing as the real Trejo).

The Black Keys' album Brothers though is a bitchin' LP.
David    Feb 23 2011 6:26pm
I'm glad to see they're so popular now. Anyone who enjoys the hit record Brothers should -definitely- seek out their earlier LPs, especially The Big Come Up and Rubber Factory.
Crux    Feb 23 2011 9:30pm
Set You Free and Girl is on My Mind are some pretty good jams.